Friday, 16 January 2009

Happy Bday Aaliyah!

I just found out that today would have been Aaliyah’s 30th Birthday and thought I’d do a blog post to celebrate the artist who inspired many during her life. I remember like it was yesterday when I found out that she was dead- I cried. You just don’t understand how much I loved her; would play her music all the time and copy the ‘hair swooping over one eye’ look. So happy 30th birthday Aaliyah, mwah!

Here are a few of my favourite Aaliyah vids, enjoy.

4 Page Letter:

Hot Like Fire:

One In A Million:

Are You That Somebody:

Try Again:


Elijah said...

ur a par

Muffin said...

Awww Aaliyah =) you had to love her, hope she's resting in peace.

Aaliyah songs always take me back & make me feel so nostalgic :(

mee said...

Love the choregraphy....
She was light years ahead.
Are that somebody, Rock the Boat and Come over personal favorites!!!!Oh


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