Friday, 30 January 2009

Poetry 2 Make U Smile;-)

Here's a poem I wrote 10 minutes ago - literally, for my friend who has been a bit down over the past few days; being tortured by a thing called love. Anyways, I know he likes to read poetry so I wrote this to make him feel better. Enjoy...

I wrote this for you
I wrote this for you
When you were feeling sad and blue
I hope reading this makes your heart smile
Since I know it hasn’t been able to for a while
Let me just start by saying- you are so annoying!
Why do you think you’re the best at everything?
Well, true say you do always win
Apart from the time I beat you at…at…erm, I’ll get back to you on that!

When you need to talk, you know I’ll gladly lend you an ear
So you don’t have to thank me anymore for being there
That’s what friends are for and I genuinely do care
Just make sure you remember all of this if you ever become a millionaire!
Every day we discover more and more commonalities we share
From our love for shopping, to our love for music
Though I can’t believe you don’t know about Amel Larrieux- she’s so sick!

I enjoy talking to you and I know you do too!
I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually think you’re cool (lol)
And you really do inspire me, to be a go getter like you
I hope you know that I’ve got your back
Just as long as you’ve got mine too!
It’s been uneasy seeing what you’re going through
I know it’s been very difficult for you
So being that person you can talk to- is the least I can do

I’ve never been in love before so it’s tough relating to how you feel
But I do understand that your love for her is real
And even though to have her back would be ideal
If she doesn’t want your love, you know someone else will
I’m really hoping that she won’t leave you heart broken
Because a broken heart can take a long time to mend
So fingers crossed that this era will end the way you want it to
But no matter what happens, know that you’ll always have a friend

Ok, I’ll shut up now! But I hope I managed to put a smile on your face
Because I know right now your heart is not in a good place
Whenever you want to talk, I’m only a phone call away
And no doubt I will hear from you again today!

Once again, I wrote this for you
After you called me to say you were feeling sad and blue
With true friends, people only find a few
But I think it’s safe to say that I found one in you
So being that person you can talk to- really is the least I can do


Sonita Page said...

Loved the poem, it reminds me of my own friendship. Amazing how we word and insult each other as a sign of affection. I'm sure your friend feels better after that dedication! We have to acknowledge the special ones because we come across so many unloyal ones! Great work and love the blog!



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