Saturday, 3 January 2009

Cool Choreography

I appreciate all type of dancing; tap, ballroom, salsa, contemporary, street…you name it all, I love it. One of my favourite choreographed videos of 2008 was Beyonce’s Single Ladies, which was inspired by the late Broadway producer Bob Fosse. Below is the original video which was recreated by Beyonce:

Here are just a few of my other favourite 2008 choreographed dance videos that I would have loved to be in!

Adele- Chasing Pavements:

Electrik Red- Drink In My Cup ft The-Dream (Skip to 1:46)

H two O ft Platnum- What’s It Gonna Be:

Usher- Love in this Club: (Skip to 4:37)

Ciara- Go Girl ft T-Pain:

Ok, I know this video wasn’t released in 2008 but it’s one of my favourite dance videos of all time, besides, I can’t blog about best dance choreography without bringing one of the Jacksons into it! Enjoy...

Janet Jackson- Pleasure Principle:

P.S. Happy New Year people!


Muffin said...

Loving the vids! I love Bob Fosse especially Cabaret (Very freaky and death like dance moves) but great!


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