Sunday, 1 August 2010

I want to be a billionaire...

' fricking bad; buy all of the things I never had.'

I think I'm in love with Bruno Mars! I can't stop listening to his songs, especially this one:

On the note of wanting to be a billionaire, I'll be very content just being a millionaire!

As for this tune, it gets me pumped up every time, 'we..gon'..make it....!'

Sidenote: Alicia Keys did a remix to a song from her Songs in a Minor album called The Life using this beat. I only have a 1min snippet of the song but I want the full version coz its hawt! I can't even find it on youtube, help me find the song in full...please:(


Chilli Kayenne Pepper said...

OMYGOODNESS, I too, am excited about Bruno Mars. I love the guy, he is very talented, and he's not like any of these other male singers who sing about non sense(money, women, and sex). And I also love, "Just The Way You Are." But the only thing I don't like about him, is that he's a smoker :(

Miss Carmel said...

i knooooooow, da dude smokes! turn but i luv him all da same;) x


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