Wednesday, 12 May 2010


'Vogue US has been around for 118 years;
and has published 1,416 covers...
Only 14 of these covers feature black women.'

14 out of 1416? Really? Hmmm.

Anywho! Why am I seeing and hearing more of Grace Jones lately? Has she come to put Lady Gaga in her place?? After all, she is definitely the original Gaga...and her weirdness is authentic, unlike Sophie's Lady Gaga's. I can't even lie though, she used to scare the frick out of me when I was a kid:s I love this illustrated pic of her; her arse looks fab! lol

Beyonce released a vid to a song that I have already rinsed out! Favourite line: 'I got beauty, I got class; I got style and I got ass!' Like the video too; it's not great but I really like the theme.

Oh and I can't mention Beyonce without saying something about Rihanna, so...have you seen Riri's moonwalk?! Haha, she so had to be joking! lol

Is 40 something the new 30 something or something?! I find it weird when I see 40 somethings still stripping for men's mags. There's nothing wrong with being sexy, but when you reach a certain age, I just feel that you should be sexy in a more classy manner. These women are more or less the same age as my mother and lawd knows I'd be embarassed if my mum was looking like a pornstar! Before I get called a hater...they look absolutely great for their age! I guess these ladies are just trying to get back into the limelight again, so I won't knock their hustle. They'd give a lot of 30 & even 20 somethings a run for their money! (Phew, I think I got myself out of trouble...)

Apparantly Lisa Raye, and Stacey Dash are not getting along?

Drake should keep the singing to an absolute minimum at all times coz I don't rate! Saying that, I do quite like the video for Find Your Love ...but someone please translate for me what those Jamaican dudes were mumbling! I doubt Drake understood himself lol.

I love me some Robin Thicke! He's voice is so smooth...unlike he's dancing! Have you seen this dude's dance moves?!? Hahahahahaaaaaa, absolutely atrocious! lol. Watch the performance of him & Nicki Minaj...oh laaaaawd!

Anyways, I like this song!

M.I.A.'s video for Born Free was a lot of things boi! Almost left me teary eyed; I can't watch sad clips lol. I remember when I watched The Color Purple, boy did I crrrrrrrrry...I'm such a nerd! But defo a big shout to Romain Gavras for this one, I rate him for this.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

...and why haven't I still seen Poetic Justice yet?!? Thank goodness I'm finally watching it this weekend

Last but defo not least, R.I.P. Lena Horne.

Ok, enough randomness, back to shoes...


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