Sunday, 9 May 2010

He needs to get 'naked' again!

Since I don't really care for Marques Houston's music so I only just decided to watch he's new video...erm, can someone say Ne-yo?!? He needs to go back to singing songs like Naked; a song that I was really feeling. I appreciate trying something different and evolving as an artist but this is not it- defo!!! (My new fav word!)

Seems like MH and Omarion are struggling to develop solo careers that match up to the success of their Immature and B2K days. Anywho, they both talented dancers- defo!!! lol.


pOokie said...

Oh lord no no this will simply not do.
He needs to take off that hat and take his five foot nothing self back to singing what he used to, it's just not working and it looks fruity. I just donnnnnn't like it.
P.S - Naked was my choon for a LOOONG time, you couldn't pay me not to listen to it.


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