Monday, 15 March 2010

Style Guide: Tights and Ladders!

A few weeks back I attended a music/poetry event wearing a skirt with black tights...then I got a hole in them! In a failed attempt to hide it, I created a long ladder in my tights...sigh. So as I was taking my tights off (thank God my friend had a lil' tub of cocoa butter in her bag by the way, saved me! So ladies, make sure you always carry cream with you- a handbag must!)...anyways, back to what I was saying...I was thinking to myself, 'if only it was cool to wear tights with ladders in them?' Then a couple of days later, during a quick 'window' shopping browse, I saw a woman wearing denim shorts over tights with ladders in them...and it looked soooo cool!!!

For anyone thinking I've completely lost it, trust me, it looked fierce...literally! Well, I'm going to try out this look for sure...and I'm going to Ciara it!

…the spotlight is on you, you better…work, work, work, work!”

If you're inspired to get the ripped tights look, then you're going to have to use your finger nails and get your DIY on! I think I might play tights and ladders tomorrow, haha!

*sidebar* please don't look at me funny if you happen to see me wearing my ripped tights, just appreciate the anomalous fashion sense:)

Pix via LookBook (love this site)



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