Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Church Hug

Ok, so basically...

I've been told by many guys that when I hug them....I don't really hug them! Haha, I didn't even realise I was giving guys the 'church hug' until one of my guy friends pointed it out to me a few years back. This is how you can identify a church hug:

  • just one arm is used
  • body is positioned at a 90 degrees angle rather than 180 degrees (i.e. perpendicular rather than parallel)
  • there's curve in the back so that you look like siamese twins only joined from the shoulders up
  • arse cocked out 'til it's looking like Nicki Minaj's (is it even real?!? coz that sure ain't no 'itty bitty piggy'...):

I'm not one to get paro but I've had a fair share of guys hug me in an inappropriate manner. I'm talking rubbing my back, feeling my bra strap, pushing my chest way too close against theirs...I've been violated too many times!!!

Personally, I absolutely love hugs; as the giver and receiver. A hug, to me, consists of four major components:

1. Closeness - how close do you get?

2. Tightness- how tightly do you hold onto the person?

3. Time- how long does the hug last for?

4. Release- who ends it first?

Depending on what 'type of love' you have for the person you're exchanging the hug with, the amount you decide to use of each component sends out a particular intended or maybe not intended.

nicki minaj

Am I making a big deal out of a hug? ...Yeah probably!

If you see me hug a guy with one arm, an arch in my back, and my arse cocked waaaay out, then you know what time it is- it's the church hug!


Da_Kween said...

LOL @ church hug. I give those. It's most appropriate when you don't know nor WANT to know a man more than in a casual way.

Love this.

Muffin said...

Lol I give them too! Sometimes they are defo needed!

Fab Black Woman said...

Like like like! Trus me. Most girls know about the church hug and unless we have reason to be hugging intimately..well there's just no reason!

Miss Carmel said...

haha, glad u gals kno exactly where i'm coming from, i hand out 'church hugs' for fun lol


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