Sunday, 30 August 2009

Monday Movers

Since I love dancing so much, I thought I’d dedicate a post to it so enjoy!

Cultural Dance

Shisha won the Dancehall Queen title back in 2007 -she’s ‘ard!

As much as I love dancehall moves, I love dance moves from the motherland…

African dance group: Mambo

Nigerian street dance group- x-fellaz

(Does anyone know the name of that Nigerian tune they dance to at 1.03; let me know coz that tune is ‘ard!)

Back then…

...I thought Ginuwine and Mya were good dancers. Here’s Ginuwine in his hey dayz…

Mya is going to be on the new series of Dancing with the Stars despite having the advantage of being a trained dancer. She has to merk it, I’ll definitely be tuning into that. Here’s Mya having a dance rehearsal…

…and her showing off some tap dancing moves. I wanna learn how to tap dance!

Nu’ Skool Movers

And we all know that Beyonce can dance, I love the body popping dancing she does in the Sweet Dreams video. Here’s a vid of her dancers- they good!

I posted a vid of Beyonce doing the matrix, well here’s Ciara showing us how it’s done. She makes it look so easy but it really isn’t! (Her shoes are emosh!)

I can’t wait for Ciara’s video to ‘Like a Surgeon’, I know she’s going to merk the dancing.

I saw a vid of Teyana Taylor free styling ages ago and she was so sick, but I can’t seem to find that vid anywhere :-( I really wanted to post it up but here’s a substitute for the meantime … (Love this girl's hair!)

Ol’Skool Movers

I absolutely love James Brown’s dancing style; his foot work is emosh!

Pure Humour

I still can’t get enough of this video!


Anonymous said...

oh my days that was FUNNY!!!

Phreshh Mentality said...

the song at 1:03 of the nigerian dance vid is called Lorile, by X Project...

$hort 'n' $weet said...

ah fanx 4 dat!


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