Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Three Kisses

I’ve been hurting my brain with assignments for the past few weeks, which is my fault for leaving them so last minute. Anyways, during one of my breaks, I slipped into poetry mode…and I really got into it! I was inspired to write this after recalling all the conversations I’ve had with friends who seem to be recovering from their crazy break-ups. I got into character whilst I was writing and tried to capture all their emotions into it, but after I was done and read over it…it felt like it was about me.

Enjoy the read (it’s a looong read though- sorry!)

Three Kisses

So now you want to end text messages with a kiss, kiss, kiss
Oh please, since when did you start ending your texts with three kisses?
Saying how much you wish things were normal again coz you really miss me

Save the talk, I don't want to hear your wishes
Funny how your ways have changed now that I’m no longer your misses
And must you fill up my inbox and leave me countless missed calls?
I don’t return them; and after all those text messages and voice messages that you send
I find it hard to comprehend, that a smart guy like you still hasn’t got the message

Oh, so other than just sending me endless messages, now you’re sending me flowers
-red roses, to be exact
But when we were together, I sure wasn’t getting any of that
Delivered to my door with a card that reads, ‘missing you…badly’
Hmm, there must be a catch
Someone’s really trying to win me back
In fact, this is too good to be true
God really slapped some sense into you!

You’ve been showering me with gifts and trying to take me on expensive trips
Now I get a text saying you want to take me out on a shopping spree
Wait a minute…you’re giving me all of this -for free?!
But only a month ago I’d be lucky to get a penny spent on me
You used to go on and on about how broke you are (were)
And now you’re telling me I can put anything into my shopping cart
Hmm…I think I’m really starting to like us apart!

What was that? Did you just say you love…?
Hold up, after 5 whole years and all the misery you put me through
Now you want to utter the words, ‘I love you’
Save your breath, you’ve left it far too late for those words to be said
Now seriously, what’s come over you?
The texts, the flowers, the gifts…well, it’s just not you
What’s wrong? Things didn’t work out with your so-called ‘friend’?
You know who, the one you sleep with…yeah, that friend

Coming to think of it, you traded 5 years for a 5-week fling…I’m sorry it ended so soon
You seemed so into her; thought you were even going to fly her to the moon!
I almost feel sorry for you…no seriously, I do
Though I’m trying not to laugh, it’s rather amusing how tables have turned
Just over a month ago, I was the one crying from the ordeal
‘He who laughs last, laughs the longest’- that saying is so real

So what happened? It seemed like you were having a blast yet it didn’t even last
What…like 5 weeks? Now that is weak
I’m surprised and I’m not surprised, so to speak
I guess your so-called ‘friend’ couldn’t take your BS the way I did
The other day, my sister slated our relationship; she even called me stupid!
And for the first time ever, I couldn’t defend our love
I really did hang around too long, holding onto false hope
Right now I’m just thanking God for throwing down a rope
And pulling me out of this hopeless love…that I still spend every minute of the day thinking of

Thoughts and memories continuously fill my head
Especially last night, whilst I was lying in bed
As I tossed and turned, trying to sleep
A revelation came over me, and it was deep
I realised that the one I’d die for isn’t even worth living for…
Though you are the one my heart still yearns for, I now know I deserve so much more
There are bigger and better things out there in this world for me to explore
I am not short-sighted anymore…

There was a time when every moment was about us; now it’s all about me
At first I felt so torn and lonely, but now I feel free
Each day brings a new discovery, my impaired eyes can finally see
My heart has learnt to trust my mind; my love for you is no longer blind
Not to say it’s going to be easy leaving what we had behind
But being the optimist that I am, I know it will with time

I do forgive you; I can see that you are apologetic
Though you were wrong to raise your hands, I know you deeply regret it
However, my mind just won’t let me forget it
It’s not even just about the bruises you’ve put on my face
Because I know one day those bruises will fade away
But just take a look at all the scars you’ve left on my heart
It was as good as new when I first gave it to you
You were supposed to guard it, not disregard it…I trusted you

I’m glad you finally realise that you had a good thing
But why didn’t you acknowledge this from the beginning?
Don’t get down on one knee; you’re making things hard for me
Stop saying you love me; take back the ring
Thanks to your ‘fling’, I had time to think…about me and what I want to do
Started making future plans and unfortunately, none of them include you
Yes, you were a fool for hurting then leaving me like that
But I’d be an even bigger fool if I take you back
So please get used to the fact that, I am officially no longer your misses
Maybe you can start by not sending me those pitiful messages…that end with three kisses

This poem is dedicated to quite a few people…including myself.


Muffin said...

This is deep...and relatable for so many women.

Kelvin said...

wooooooooow ms eileen im amazed truely blow away looks like there s talent thee after all!!

a job well done!!

Anonymous said...

O MY DAYZ!! Eileen, you have out done your self in this one. I don't know what to say!! I love it, I truly love. You are such a good writer, and I'm not just saying that coz I'm your friend, you know I don't need to pretend. Three kisses is boom, I can totally see you perform this, its one of them performance poems. You have to perform it girl!!

From Caroline.

Creasy said...


Miss Fab Black said...

Too relatable, was in a messy situation a while back and can really see this from a point of view which is different to my own..love isn't supposed to hurt this bad.


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