Sunday, 15 March 2009

I guess heels aren’t for everyone

I was in the computer room today from 10am to 5.30pm working on my assignment (I know, on a Sunday…). Anyways, my concentration from reading an online journal was diverted towards the loud (and sometimes very annoying) sound of heels. As I turned to see the woman responsible for disturbing my concentration I couldn’t help but laugh! Oh my days…all I can say is some women are in desperate need for ‘how to walk in heels’ lessons. If you don’t know how to walk in heels you have two available options:

1. Practice (…makes perfect, as you know)
Get your mother’s heels, walk around in the house the whole day in them, practice in the mirror with them…hello, I thought every girl has done this before?


2. Just DON’T wear them at all!
Otherwise you just look silly. The awkwardness of your posture and walk just makes you look silly.

Well here’s a video I came across, for all those who struggle to walk in heels, giving a handy tip. (At 0.20 in the video, that’s how the woman I saw today was walking- too funny!) Shout out to all those ladies who have mastered the art of walking in heels, so much so, they could even do cartwheels in them i.e. Sandie, my sister and of course, Ms Beyonce Knowles!


Miss Fab Black said...

Loved the mini-video-its so true though, its very emnbarasing watching someone who cannot walk in heels. Not gonna lie, I've bucked a few times but compared to the amount of times I've worn heels thiknk its pretty acceptable :)

Muffin said...

Haha! The way some people walk in heels is just ridiculous. I don't get it I find it so easy even in 5 inches! But it's true if you have got a natural aptness for walking in heels you should definitely practice!


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