Sunday, 27 May 2012

What about the friend zoned woman?

When we think of the friend zone, we often think of victimised ‘nice guys’ who get mercilessly flung there by insensitive women; women always play the villain here. What about the friend zoned woman though? Do we forget that women get friend zoned too?! Here’s a lil’ something I wrote about a woman’s unrequited love for a friend.

He placed me into the friend zone 
Said I made a great friend, and a great bone 
But never one he'd bring home to meet his mother… 
I just wasn't good enough to be his lover. 
He saw me more like a brother, always said I was one of the guys 
So he'd banter about other women with the boys, in my presence 
After all, I was one of the boys so there was no need for pretence. 
As he discussed the girls he'd kiss & bring back to his to hit 
I knew his type...and I weren’t it. 
However, it didn’t stop me from believing that my personality would be a win 
Since he'd often complain about pretty girls having nothing else to bring 
To the table, and I knew a girl like me was more than able to mentally stimulate him 
You see, we got on like a house on fire 
But I guess that didn't make me hot enough to be desired 
Then one night, while we were alone 
 I made my feelings for him known 
Sexual tension had clearly grown 
I was now his dawg and his bone 
He had his cake and was definitely eating it too 
Coz despite being the one who was laying underneath his covers 
He never once stopped his pursuit for potential lovers; 
I was finally done being his fool. 
So I made things clear, then was told the words I dreaded to hear 
The friends zone was where I belonged 
But he's obviously got me all wrong 
Coz I am not a girl who can accept the friend zone as a place of residence 
So if we can't be lovers, then I'm afraid we can no longer be friends.


Just Rachy said...

I love this post as this is something I am currently fighting with myself. Its such a hard position to be in, but this post was definitely needed.

Poetic_Butterfly said...

I love the poem about a woman being friend zone it happens alot more than what people would like to think. Been there but if that friend wasn't interested in anything more its best to move on and not beat yourself over it. Sometimes it better not to cross that line with a friend.

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...


Yes girl...

*SINGING* Story of my life...

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Confessions Of A City Girl

Eileen Carmel said...

Thanks for your comments ladies, glad u can relate x (:


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