Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Beautiful Lady

The Beautiful Lady

There Holding Elegance,
Beauty Excelled Afar Under Tinted Illumination; Fiercely Uttering Love.
Luck Apparently Desired You.

Out Under Trees,
Occurred Feelings.
Mature Youth
Dazzling Radiantly; Effortlessly Affecting My Sight.

With Astonishing Looks, Kinship Eagerly Dangled.
Optimistic U’d Talk,
Openly Floored,
My Yearning
Danced Elatedly; Submitting Intelligent Rhymes Equally.

Angel, No Demand
Stands To Obstruct or Divide
Romantic Intentions Gained Heroically Tonight.
Inside Niceties,
Fondness Radiates Openly; Nourishing Tender
Occasions (to) Forever
Multiply Evenly.

The beautiful lady out of my dreams,
walked out of my fantasy, and stood right in front of me.

© Anthony Lyrics

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