Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bye, Good Night!

Every morning, without fail, my twitter timeline is GUARANTEED to be littered with tweets that read, 'Hello, Good Morning!' Those tweets annoy the frick out of me, just stop tweople!

I like the song though, despite my dislike for Diddy's vocals and that random chick in the Dirty Money group that kinda looks like Dawn but not quite. As for Dawn, she just keeps looking better the more I see her; I think I've found the latest addition to my girl crush list! She's too cute:)

Ok, I want to keep my girl crush list short & sweet so I think I need to start being more selective from now on!

Va$htie (naturally pretty), Eva Marcille (too cute!), Esperanza Spalding (I'd make my 10-year old brother wifey her if only he was older!), Solange (because she's just real, very relatable), Beyonce (sick performer and actually appears to be a very humble woman), Zoe Saldana (just recently made the cut!), Rihanna (ever so slightly lost interest in her but her style game is still on point so I'll keep her on the list), Cassie (talent aside, she's too gorgeous!), Meagan Good (I just wish she didn't wear the same clothes all the time- she's defo a serial repeat offender!), Amber Rose (I'm slightly off her because she just doesn't do anything but any chick who can rock a bald head is dope!) and Nicki Minaj....

...I do love me some Nicki! In her defence from all the Lil' Kim jacking claims, I will just say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking elements from people/things that inspire you as long as it's TRUE to who you are. When you stay true to who you are, the elements you 'swagga-jacked' become believable and convincing because you make it your own, just ask Beyonce!

Ok, that's all the randomness I wanted to rant about before I hit the sheets; so bye, good night! ...and fingers crossed I won't wake up to 'hello, good morning' tweets!



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