Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tell Him...

Esperanza Spalding is the ish; I love this woman! From her fabolous fro (the hair is so gorgeous) to her artistry. Watch her interview below and a great performance of her jazzy rendition of Lauryn Hill's Tell Him song.

Here a few more performances for you to enjoy; she really is all that and a bag of chips:)

Oops, almost forgot....pinch, punch, first of the month- no returns! hehe:p


pOokie said...

Lord take me now. This woman's grove is inSANE.
Her tone of voice is absolutely beautiful, the way she holds that base would make you think she's in love with it, SO inspiring.

Miss Carmel said...

insane indeed! u see & hear the passion when she performs...i heart her; she's defo one of my girl crushes! & i can't wait for my hair to grow into a crazy looking afro like hers!

Carmina said...

It's amazing beauty .. thanks I really liked this post

Caroline White

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