Thursday, 6 May 2010

More than a rapper

If you don't already know about Chockz The Rapper, then you better get to know! The East London star describes himself as “...more than a rapper” and this notion is clear from the other talents he possesses, a poet, song writer, and producer in his spare time.

Chockz is currently on the People’s Vote to win the Cordless Show in May to support Tinie Tempah. I've already casted my vote for this young talent; I even tried to vote twice *shifty eyes* lol.

Vote for Chockz by clicking here. Voting ends on the 15th May; let's help him get the top spot!

You can check out more from Chockz on he’s Youtube page and you can also find him on Twitter.

On the note of votes, I need to hurry up and cast my vote for the general elections today!


Kay said...

I love your blog...its sooo from London!!


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