Monday, 12 April 2010

Style Guide: If it isn't baggy...I'm not happy!

There are days when I jump out of the shower and don't want to throw on tightly fitted garms; sometimes I just want to look cute in oversized, comfy clothes. Get my old school TLC/ Salt n Pepa/ Aaliyah swag on! Well, not quite like how they used to dress back in the day coz some of their combo was awful:o ...but more in terms of how outfits back then didn't have to be so sexed up...feel me?

Salt n Pepa

I love oversized scarves, off the shoulder tops, t-shirts, jeans, trousers, hoodies, handbags so I can fit the whole world in 'em! Oh and oversized shirts that can be worn as a dress are so cool! If you want to look super duper fly in the baggy look, I'd say try not to wear too many oversized items at once! One or two at most oversized items will do this look justice, anything more than that will look like justice needs to be done!

Rihanna Jamie Winstone

Christina Milian

Remember ladies, that wearing tightly fitted clothing that show off your bods is not the only way to look fly. I think that women feel pressured to show off their assets too much even if it means dressing uncomfortably; it's alright to say goodbye to the skinnies once in a while!!! Now let me see how many girls can still look fly in baggy clothes, huh, huh?!? :p



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