Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Stars getting...stars!

Looks as though Aston, from UK group JLS, finally got over his barber-phobia...& thank Lawd for that coz this haircut is a good look. He also revealed a new of the most original and profound tattoos I have ever seen *eye roll*

Aston_JLS Aston_JLS_tattoo

Seen it somewhere before, ay? Yup, getting 'stars' permanently etched on your skin has and still is a favourite choice of design for tattoo enthusiasts. Why? This is the part where you lot talk to me coz I still don't get this 'star' tattoo thing!

Chris Brown
Christina Milian & Fefe Dobson Christina Milian
Rihanna neck tattoo
Rihanna ear tattoo

And the award for the worst star tattoo I have ever seen goes to...*drum roll*...Lil' Wayne's 'daddy'!

Tatt's all folks! (Sorry but I wanted to say that soooo bad lol)

What do you guys think; should star tattoos be on the 2010 'please ban' list?!



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