Wednesday, 3 March 2010

If I Were A Boy...

…I would wear Kanye’s clothes! If only I could just snoop round in his walk-in closet and 'borrow' a few things:( I love his style so much, even though I’ll put my hands up and say that he does make some eyebrow raising fashion choices at times! Either way, his style sense is on point whether he's dressed smart or casual…it’s always stylish.

kanye west and amber rose 1 kanye west 1

kanye and amber 2 kanye west 2

kanye west 3 kanye west 4

kanye west 5 kanye west 6

[*Sidebar*] Is it just me that thinks there’s something a little bit off putting about a guy who loves to shop too much? Hmmm…*kanye shrug*

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