Monday, 23 February 2009

Comical Commercials

I don’t watch TV so the only way I see and hear about commercials is on the net or in lectures. Since I study Marketing, I like watching commercials to see what methods are being used to communicate a product to the consumer. I definitely like the creativity that companies are using for their commercials lately. It seems that advertisements are going for a fun, comical approach which most of the time seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the product the company is trying to sell. However this method works extremely well because it manages to grab the consumers attention (which is difficult nowadays due to the overdose of advertising) plus it gets them talking about it (creating word of mouth). What makes this new advertising trend even cooler is that the consumer, so entertained, may not even acknowledge that a product is being sold to them which is great since consumers are fed up of being continuously bombarded with ‘buy my product’ messages. Yet, the company will successfully imprint their brand in the consumer’s mind subconsciously- great stuff! I heart marketing…

Cadbury Dairy Milk- Eyebrows (For some reason, I couldn’t stand the gorilla one though!)

The T-Mobile Dance

Durex- Get It On

Oh yeah, who remembers the Budweiser ones…they were sick!

Budweiser- Wassup!


Mas said...

Omdz, whats Uppppp! lol that was nuts. The eye brow one is another classic in the making.

$hort 'n' $weet said...

wassup was great.

the little girl in the eyebrows ad is sick! lol i like the bit with the balloon, good ad.

Ondo Lady said...

I like the Cadburys one and I love the T-Mobile one. The Durex one is a little too in the face for me. But the Budwiser one takes me back.


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